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About Us

The Roofing Trade has been embedded within the family for over 25 years. My Father Paul Jones worked as a Roofer for many years before starting his own business P Jones Roofing in 1987. This was a modest family led business which my Father worked very hard to gain a good local reputation and client base for. He was very highly thought of amongst the trade for his high standard of craftsmanship and standard of work at affordable prices. From a young age I always took interest in my Father’s work and business, leading to me start to work for him after leaving school. During this time I learnt and mastered many valuable and key skills not only needed to complete work to the highest of standards but also in running a successful business. Unfortunately due to illness my Father Paul Jones had to cease trading and sadly passing away in early 2009.

After my Father’s passing I continued to work as a Roofer and eventually decided to continue in my Father’s footsteps by starting my own business C Jones Roofing in 2012 Fortunately I continued to maintain and earn the reputation for the business which my Father had previously worked so hard for. Over the next few years the business slowly grew and changed name becoming Cheshire Roofing and Building Contractors. In doing so this allowed for great opportunities to not only continue to work locally as the family always had done, but to also extend and expand our area of work and business. Cheshire Roofing and Building Contractors are primarily based in South Cheshire and are now starting to cover the whole county and outskirts.